1 - Cylinder - Per - Nucleosome
A coarse-grained multi-scale model of chromatin
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The 1CPN model makes simulation of chromatin a breeze

Rigorously coarse-grained

The 1CPN model is built using a rigorous multi-scale approach based on free energies obtained using the detailed 3SPN-AICG nucleosome model.

Chemically Detailed

Interested in the impact of histone modifications on chromatin structure? or DNA sequence? or the linker histone? or detailed dynamics? The 1CPN model can capture it all.

Fast and Parallel

Implemented in LAMMPS and built from the ground up for speed, the 1CPN model scales across hundreds of processors, and can easily simulate many kilobases of DNA.

The Team

The people behind the 1CPN model

Joshua Lequieu

Former Ph.D. @ U Chicago, currently UCSB

Andres Cordoba

Former Post-Doc @ U Chicago, currently Universidad de ConcepciĆ³n

Joshua Moller

Graduate Student @ U Chicago

Juan de Pablo

Professor @ U Chicago